Friday, October 8, 2010

Geoff Baker to write Beatles Fan Book!

Geoff Baker to Write Beatles Fan Book

For Beatles Fans Near and Far, who haven't heard about this exciting Up & Coming Beatles Fan book- here is the Offcial Press Release below.. I can't wait, how bout YOU~ :)

PRESS RELEASE Sept 22nd 2010

Geoff Baker, former PR to Linda and Paul McCartney and The Beatles, is writing a history of Beatles fans - using the fans' own words and calling it 'The Beatles Fanthology'.

Baker, who worked at Apple Corps as press assistant under Derek Taylor on the actual Beatles Anthology projects, is asking Beatles fans around the globe to send him their stories, memories and moments about their love for the world's most-enduring rock band for inclusion in the book.

Baker will edit anecdotes and observations from the fans into the first full biography of The Beatles fan phenomenon.

Baker is asking fans who want to put their voice in the book to tell him their stories - by email to

'I have a lot of respect for them, there is absolutely nothing like a Beatles fan and I love 'em,' said Baker - who worked for 15 years as Paul McCartney's publicity chief.

'The fans made the band and they have continued to make the band through five decades - but I feel that their crucial side of the story that Derek called 'the 20th century's greatest romance' has never been told properly before. I'm 'reasonably' qualified to write this book and it is the only Beatles book that I shall ever write.'

Baker said he was spurred to do the book after meeting fans at the Beatles Week festival in Liverpool and after a fan wrote to him suggesting that he did it.

'I've always been fascinated by the fans. I did three world tours with Paul McCartney and on each one it was the dancing fans with their cheeky banners, friendly faces and expert knowledge who made each show a smash. I have no interest in the posh people who buy the expensive seats and then just sit in them thoughout the gig.

'The kind of things I'm interested in for the Fanthology are - what was it like to be a Beatles fan in the Sixties, what was it like seeing them in Liverpool at The Cavern, what's it like being a Beatles fan now, what's it like having a son or a grand-daughter who is a fan, what's special about them above every other band, how have they affected your life.

'I want to know what the fans think about The Beatles, not the biographers' opinions or the critics', just the fans.

'Other than forever admiring their screaming, we've not paid enough attention to the fans' voice.

'I want to cover the whole Beatles period, from the beginning of the birth of the band in 1957 up to the current day.

'The fans can send me as much or as little as they like. Email me pix or anything they want, but don't send me originals because everybody knows I'll lose them.

'I'm looking for those little moments that may be personal to one but understood by us all. I want to get in the book as many voices as possible from as many places as possible.'

Although Baker has been kicking fan-related book ideas around in himself for years, it was his business partner Jill Newton who came up with the name 'The Beatles Fanthology' after the fan's prompt. The pair, both former journalists, recently formed a books-writing partnership, Newton & Baker Books. 'The Fanthology' will be their fourth book now in production.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MOJO Beatles Special Edition w/ Vinyl

Mojo Beatles piccie credit

MOJO Beatles Special Edition w/ Vinyl

Mojo mag celebrates it's 200th issue featuring the Beatles, along with a nifty Vinyl record. 'Let It Be' revisited Beatles album. This collectible version, is limited to 10,000 copies only, world wide.. Residents of the UK can get the CD version from what Ive order MOJO'S BEATLE's click here at this link..

Can't wait for mine!. How bout you?

The MOJO Vinyl Edition issue on sale August 31st

to be con..


Friday, July 16, 2010

Seeing Macca in San Francisco

Hey people what started as a beautiful day the first few hours- @ AT&T Park- turned into a disaster..
Has this ever happened to you at a gig, Paul McCartney or any other artist? I have been to alot of Rock concerts- This has never happened before~ sigh,, Alcohol and the sun just doesn't mix...

see my blog link next door- my experience Paul McCartney at AT&T Park...
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Miles of smiles to you all..


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Paul McCartney just added two more dates- San Francisco & Salt Lake City

Paul McCartney just added two more dates- San Francisco & Salt Lake City.

On May 27th  &  28th  of this month Macca  & the boys  head for the Foro Sol in Mexico City- Mexico for The Up & Coming Tour.  also, just added a few hours ago, two more dates.. AT&T Park San Francisco & Rio Tinto, Salt Lake City..Coolio!  Paul, has been adding dates here & there too his Up Coming Tour- surprising fans at venues, he has never played before- This past April Paul played The Hollywood Bowl, Arizona, & Puerto Rico. to the Delight of thousands of fans- snippet of Macca's press release below..

Paul McCartney has announced two new performance dates, the first at San Francisco’s very own AT&T Park on Saturday July 10th, and then at the Rio Tinto stadium in Salt Lake City on Tuesday July 13th, as part of his ‘Up and Coming’ 2010 tour. Keeping with his headline-making special concerts over the last few years, the tour will see the iconic star and his band play unique venues, places and locations; new cities he’s never played and familiar markets he’s not visited for a while.

The July 10th concert date at AT&T Park will be McCartney’s first performance within the City of San Francisco since The Beatles’ last concert tour appearance – at Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966.

The July 13th concert date in the stunning Rio Tinto Stadium setting will be McCartney’s first-ever performance in the great State of Utah.

San Francisco Tickets
Tickets go on-sale Monday, May 24th at 10am through all Ticketmaster locations or online at and

Following  the gigs in Mexico this month-Paul, heads to the UK for some one off shows this coming June to include Dublin, Cardiff, Glasgow & London..


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have I lagged on both of my blogs

Hello every, and anyone who visits my blogs. I sure have been neglecting the both of them.

I hope you are well I'm off to LA on Monday to see Paul McCartney at the Hollywood Bowl..

wondering, if I should incorporate the two blogs together?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Damn you gotta read this why does the media always F it up?

Yeah, as you all know by now that lil BS printing of every news agency claiming

"Paul McCartney's biggest regret was Marring Heather Mills"....

well, that is just false .. check out my latest blog posty next door on my other blog ..\

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see you there

Monday, November 2, 2009

Notes is music Jackson, Purple Melon. Rock Band

Hello people for those of you who visit this blog. Take a look next door to my posty on English Rock band Purple Melon nice lil interview I did with them last week.. Some wicked lads from London.. See link above.

OK, so I just had to see it. Michael Jackson's This is it. This is a must see film for any fan or Michael or simply put, music. Tthere were cheers & clapping during some of Michael's performance rehearsals in the movie theater. These are rare seen events sound checks & rehearsals of any performer that are closed to the public. Been to a few of Paul McCartney's, it's like your own private gig! Bought the Red collage tee & the CD also.

Lots of humor. The movie stirs emotion. I had chills most of the time. I did not want the film to end. I could have sat thru another hour. The choreography & videography was brilliant. One could only imagine what these gigs would have been like if Michael would have been alive today. The film is well made. Go see it!!

Went into local Best But to check out The Beatle's Rock Band, again. Sadly, it wasn't working. (RB game) So I had to ask, if I could have the Beatles Promo Rock Band Poster. I told them how huge a fan I was of The Beatles and told them about my last Macca experience at The New Cowboy's stadium with it's Humungo video screen.. They laughed and let me have the poster! Made my day I tell you. It didn't hurt that I had to buy another monitor for my computer.. Will post a proper piccie of the poster when it's day light,, Very cool!

click on link above for Purple Melon interview
See Michael Jackson's This is it.


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